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Your Cafe’s Exit Strategy: The Unsung Hero of a Comfortable Retirement

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The importance of knowing your business exit strategy as a cafe owner

Let’s talk about a topic that’s often pushed to the back burner in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day café operations: your exit strategy.

Yes, the same strategy that determines how you’ll step out of your business. While you might be thinking, “It’s too early to even think about it,” or “My café is my forever passion!” it’s never too soon to have a well-thought-out plan. Why? Because this very plan might just be your golden ticket to a comfortable retirement. Let’s brew this down, shall we?

Tomorrow’s Exit Begins With Today‘s Strategy

Running a café is no piece of cake. From that first morning espresso shot to closing up after a long day, your café is an extension of you. But have you ever wondered what happens when you decide to hang up your apron for good?

If you’ve put in the hard work to build your business, it deserves a thought-out conclusion. An exit strategy isn’t about the end, but rather, preparing for a new beginning – your retirement!

According to Joel Hewish (Chief Investment Officer) from United Global Capital, if you’re thinking of selling your cafe business to give you a retirement nest egg, or passing your business to family members you need to prepare well.

Know the Value of Your Business for a Strong Exit

Your café, over time, isn’t just a space that sells coffee and pastries; it accumulates value, both in tangible assets and goodwill. This is something potential buyers are willing to pay for. Knowing your business’s worth and how to enhance it means when it’s time to sell, you’ll be receiving a sum that truly reflects your years of dedication.

To put that number into perspective, Joel says that retirement statistics are often something most people haven’t thought about.

Australian retirement statistics courtesy of Joel Hewish from United Global Capital

When you know what the current retirement statistics are, you can calculate what those numbers will be when you’re ready for getting out.

Assume 3% inflation to calculate your retirement numbers says Joel Hewish from United Global Capital

By having an exit strategy in place, you’re ensuring that when the time comes, transitioning out of your business role will be as smooth as your favourite latte. Plus, knowing you’ve got a financial safety net makes those golden years even sweeter.

Selling as Your Business Exit Strategy

If you’re thinking of selling your cafe business to provide for your retirement, it’s vital you have a plan.

Selling a Business isn't as Easy as you Think - Joel Hewish from United Global Capital

Let’s flip the table for a second. If you were buying a café, wouldn’t you prefer one where the owner has a clear plan for handing over the reins?

An exit strategy makes your café more attractive to potential buyers. It shows foresight, responsibility, and a commitment to ensuring the business’s continued success, even when you’re no longer at the helm.

Think Different, Be Prepared and Win

In the delightful world of lattes, cappuccinos, and heart-to-heart chats over the counter, thinking about an exit strategy might feel a bit out of place. But remember, just as every well-made coffee starts with a plan (the right beans, the perfect grind, the ideal brew time), so too should your long-term business journey.

So, fellow café owners, as you froth that milk and serve those delicious treats, take some time to reflect on your future. Because, just like the perfect cup of coffee, a comfortable retirement requires a blend of foresight, planning, and action.

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