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What’s Different or Unique about Your Cafe Business?

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If there’s nothing different about your cafe business, people will only buy from you because of convenience, price – nothing more.

Added to that, you’ll never to able to raise your prices; if there’s anyone doing it cheaper, people will buy from them.

Your Cafe Business USP

Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is the one thing that is truly different about you.

So what is your USP?

And don’t just say ‘price’ or ‘quality’ – these are empty terms.

Make it very specific and meaningful.

Here are some tips on what a successful USP should be:

  • Truly unique
  • Exciting to your target market
  • Something your customers will want to tell their friends about
  • Something that can’t be easily copied.
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A lot of café owners wonder why they need a point of uniqueness at all – shouldn’t there be room for dozens of “me-too” business?

The fact is, there isn’t, and the “me-too” cafe will ultimately struggle or lose business to their competitors.

If your cafe business doesn’t have an existing USP, you’ll need to find one or make up one.

Your USP doesn’t have be earth shattering. Just different enough to stand out.

Example USPs for Your Cafe Business

To get your mind started, here’s a few examples of USPs you could consider:

  • You have a “Special Drink”, or a “Special Dish”
  • Your food and drinks have unique features people care about such as, organic food and drink, Gluten free specialist, Diabetic food, Low-Gi range
  • You serve a specific demographic group that is overlooked by most competitors, e.g. health food

Your uniqueness comes from one of these areas: QualityPriceServiceDeliverySpeedConvenience, and Experience.

Once you find out or make up your USP, then make a big deal about it.

Tell your customers loud and clear!!

Advertise it, put it on the wall, on the table, print in on your business card, receipts and be proud of it.

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