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Top 5: Things to Do Before You Buy a Cafe

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Before you buy a cafe there are a few things you must ask yourself.

Get your mindset in the right place to prepare for a successful cafe career with my Top 5 list of what to do before you buy a cafe.

Here are my Top 5 things to do before you buy a cafe.

1. Do Your Research

You need to carry out a great deal of research before your make your decision about what type of cafe owner you will be (whether its starting fresh, buying an existing cafe or buying into a franchise).

Check out your local newspapers and magazines to see what similar businesses are doing and how they advertise.

Identify key potential competitors and check out their menus and reviews; Zomato and Beanhunter are great for this as well the reviews that pop up on Google Maps.

2. Identify Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Now that you’ve done your research it’s time for you to consider your unique selling point (USP). It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, it’s just a very brief summary that conveys the story of your cafe and its distinctive qualities.

Look at your perceived competitors and see if you can identify their USP, ask yourself if they have distinguished themselves well enough. Now, what is your USP and how does that differ from your competitors?

Why would customers come to your cafe over any others?

3. Build Your Business Plan

By building an official business plan you are creating a roadmap for success. A Business Plan is an invaluable commodity that you can continue to reference throughout you cafe business journey, as long as you prepare it correctly.

Once your Business Plan is finalised you can approach investors and feel confident that you can answer any question that comes your way.

4. Understand Your Legal Obligations

Now that you will be running your own cafe, it’s important to recognise your legal obligations. Do your research into what licenses and permits you may need and be sure to check with your local council to understand what you need to acquire.

Depending on the area you are setting up you may need a business licence. If you want to serve alcohol you need a Liquor Licence and of course there are Health Permits and Food Safety that you must comply with.

5. Establish a Supportive Environment

Building a cafe career is a high stress environment, when you prepare yourself thoroughly with planning and support you ease the burden later down the track.

The goal is work/ life balance and you can be sure that one day you can step away from your new cafe and know that it will continue to run, because you have set up a workplace that runs effectively and efficiently.

Share your dreams and goals with friends, family and make contact with industry leaders to help guide you through the ups and downs of running a business

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