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Recession-proof Your Cafe Business

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Written for cafe owners that want to have a plan for surviving and thriving a recession. This book is about finding ways to reduce your business spending, rein in debt, protect what you have and plan for the future.

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Surviving and Thriving during an Economic Downturn in the Cafe Business Industry

Recession-proof Your Cafe Business by Cafe Coach covers the 3 major stages of business adjustment needed to survive a recession and thrive again when it’s over.

Before the Downturn

Describes actions you can take in preparation for an expected recession. The better you can prepare for a slow down while others are operating ‘business as usual’ the more you can protected your investment and interests during tough times to come.

Business During a Recession

Staying operational and profitable is a constant challenge once a recession hits. Knowing which numbers in your business are important for you to track, how you can cost minimise and balance staff rosters as customer spending dips are what will get you through.

Recover and Rebuild

As the economy improves your business needs to take advantage of the changing customer spending behaviours, as well as look for other golden opportunities to grow your business.

Having a Plan

Be guided through the section – Having a Plan; answer the simple questions to help you better understand what your cafe or coffee shop business will need to survive tough business conditions.

Available for immediate download, this eBook contains useful information to help cafe owners who have never faced a tough economic climate or downturn in business before.

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