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Pre-Buying and Cafe Benchmarks Kit (Download)

$ 96.00

Discover how to tell if the price for a café is a rip-off or a great deal.

The Pre-buying and Café Benchmarks Workbook and Audio Kit is a home study resource, for entrepreneurs interested in the café industry – buying, selling and growing a café business.

The kit contains 14 ready to use documents, including templates and easy to follow information that makes it easy to understand café business numbers.

Discover –

  • The important KPIs you need to know when valuing a cafe
  • Tips for negotiating a great lease for your café
  • The 10 laws of buying a business
  • 10 ways to sell your café business on your terms
  • Templates for valuing café businesses
  • Café business metrics and how to calculate them
  • … and so much more

This kit is filled examples and has templates to help you do your own café valuations. It has been specially created to help people confidently make decisions about café businesses. The kit is available for immediate download, so you can get started straight away.

This kit is for anyone looking considering buying their first café and entrepreneurs wanting to expand their café business. Get into business with eyes wide open and a confidence to negotiate hard when buying, starting, expanding or selling a café.

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