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Cafe Success Scorecard

$ 85.00

The Cafe Success Scorecard makes tracking the success of your cafe business easier. This kit contains the Scorecard template with samples and suggestions for use, as well as a Guide to explain how to use the Scorecard.

For cafe owners, the adage ‘working on your business is more important for business success than working in your business’ highlights the critical difference between daily operations and strategic growth. Engaging in hands-on tasks like brewing coffee or serving customers (working “in” the business) is crucial, yet these activities alone do not drive long-term growth. Instead, activities such as strategising marketing efforts, analysing customer feedback, streamlining operations, and planning for expansion (working “on” the business) are essential for ensuring a cafe’s sustained success and growth. This approach underscores the significance of strategic oversight and proactive planning beyond the routine of day-to-day tasks.

To truly capitalize on this strategy and measure how well your cafe is positioned for success, the ‘Cafe Success Scorecard’ was developed. This tool can help you gain a clear understanding of where your business stands and what strategic moves you should make next.

The Cafe Success Scorecard is a kit containing the Scorecard (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet – compatible with Numbers, Google Sheets and more) and a Guide.

The Guide is there to help you understand how to use the Scorecard. It has been written for business beginners and helps to get you up to speed with cafe industry specific business terms and financial concepts.

Don’t get caught up only in the daily grind. Take action today and purchase the ‘Cafe Success Scorecard’ to start working on your business and secure its future growth.

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