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Cafe Customer Care Poster Pack

$ 8.00

Keep your team focused on how best to serve your customers with this 3 poster pack of Cafe Customer Care tips.

Cafe Customer Care (3 Poster Pack)

Keep customer service front of mind for you and your cafe staff with this set of handy Customer Care posters.

Each poster provides short notes to remind everyone of the best ways to deal with your cafe customers.

8 Common Cafe Customer Profile Types

Provides a short description of the eight most common types of cafe customers and what inspires their buying decisions. This poster makes it easy for staff to categorise customers so that they can give them the best customer service for their profile type.

5 Steps for Managing the Complaining Customer

Reminds your team of the five things they need to do when dealing with an unhappy customer. Each step provides example things to say at each part of the communication process.

5 Point-of-Sale Tips for Your Cafe Cashier

A handy reminder list for your cafe cashier. Keep your cashiers focused on delivering a great experience before your customers leave your cafe.


Available for immediate download, this poster pack comes with a home print and professional print versions.

Print them out and pin them up where your team can see them often.



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