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How To Manage Your Cafe Staff Effectively

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Your cafe is open and business is thriving (Congratulations!).

It’s now time to optimise the way you manage your cafe staff performance on a day-to-day level so you can allow yourself the time to focus on what really matters… your work/life balance.

What’s the Most Effective Way to Manage Your Cafe Staff?

I have one word for you…TRUST.

It’s as simple as trusting the people you employed. Consider your staff as your brand ambassadors, as your stakeholders, your success is their success. Empower your staff to become their own managers.

Ensure that everyone in your business takes responsibility for their duties, you can do this by creating business templates and checklists.

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Create System Templates

The key to empowering staff is delegation. Create manuals that your staff can refer to when you’re not there, remove the need for them to ask you questions, and allow them to find the answers themselves.

With manuals, system templates and checklists your staff will never be in doubt as to what they need to do in order to perform at their best.

Start Simple

Begin with Checklists: Note down all the things involved in a task, and take your staff through the procedure. Ensure they know what needs to be done.

Once multiple checklists are created, you’ll realise that systems have begun to form. You can then put together manuals that can be referred to whenever a staff member feels that they nothing to do (even when there is no one in the cafe, there are always things to do!), or when new staff come on board.

This way, as the owner and manger, you can gradually offload your jobs and create time for yourself.


  • When you’re on top of everything in your business, it’s time to delegate
  • Take the time to write down what you are doing and demonstrate the task to your employees
  • Trust that your staff may be able to do the job better than even you!
  • Feel free to step away from the business and look forward to the next challenge

You don’t have to be a slave to your business, you can use your cashflow to fund the lifestyle you want!

Cafe Staff Management Checklist by Cafe Coach

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