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Hot Tips for Running a Successful Cafe Business

  • 4 min read

Need a fast way to jumpstart your coffee shop and increase the number of sales per customer?

Here’s our Top 5 Hot Tips for running your cafe business.

Cafe Coach Hot Tip 1: Acknowledge Guests in Your Cafe

A simple ‘hello how are you today’ by the first person who sees a guest entering your cafe is a must.

Smile when you greet your guest. If there is a line of guests, a quick eye contact with a nod or a wave will do the trick. When you are busy, say “I won’t be long” or “I will be with you in a moment”. Remember that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

If you know their name, use it!

Cafe Coach Hot Tip 2: Remember Regular’s name and their coffee order

Find ways to learn your regular guests names.

Make sure all the staff that deal directly with the guests know them. This is not hard. Most cafes have a coffee loyalty card. Modify your card to have your guests name on it, first name is ok. Also note down the type of coffee your guests order such as Skinny Latte with one sugar. When you go to stamp or punch their card, read their name and use it when you say thanks. Next time when your guest arrives and presents their card, it will help you and your staff to remember their name and their coffee order.

Helping you to train yourself and your staff memory and amaze your customers with your excellent customer service.

Cafe Coach Hot Tip 3: Have a “Fantastic” Attitude

Did you know on any given day you are likely to be asked, “How are you?” or “How are you doing?” about twenty times?

Very few people seriously care how you are. It’s just a habit. The person asking the question rarely cares or listens for an answer.

Every business I’ve owned we have adopted a habit of replying “fantastic!” If it has no effect on the other person, at least it is self-motivational. It is impossible to say you feel fantastic twenty times a day and not ‘lift’ yourself out of a self imposed depression or bad mood.

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Mostly it does have a very positive effect. You are likely to speak to a couple of hundred guests every day. Can you imagine the positive energy you are going to bring to your guests? Maybe you have helped to improve their daily experience in some way?

Remember enthusiasm is contagious… soon your cafe will be known as the “Happy” place that everyone else wants to join and go to. So start training your staff to use this “Fantastic Attitude”.

Cafe Coach Hot Tip 4: Set The Expectations

If there is going to be a delay because you have a few coffees to make or the kitchen has a lot of orders, let the guest know.

It can be as simple as “I have a few coffees to make but it won’t be long”. When they know that you know that they are waiting, you are still in control and can still guide them.

When they think that you don’t know they are waiting (or worse, don’t care) then you have an unhappy guest.

Cafe Coach Hot Tip 5: Farewell Your Guest

Don’t let your guest just wander out the door.

Thank them, wish them a great day, a good weekend, enjoy their coffee, enjoy the sunshine, etc. And make sure that you acknowledge them leaving. If they think you didn’t notice them leaving then perhaps you didn’t really notice that they were there and you won’t notice if they don’t come back.

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