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Creating the Perfect Cafe Menu for your Coffee Shop

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So, you’ve decided what types of food and drink you’ll be selling in your cafe, it’s now time to get creative and come up with some perfect cafe menu ideas.

Remember, your cafe menu does not necessarily need to be a small booklet that customers leaf through while seated at a table.

If you want to open a “hole in the wall” style fast coffee outlet, then your menu could be displayed entirely on large blackboards, written in coloured chalk, above the counter.

Whatever format you choose, the perfect menu should be an extension of the idea behind your cafe. If your cafe has a theme, the menu should follow it.

Features of a Perfect Cafe Menu

The menu is an opportunity for your business to speak directly to customers and pitch products to them. So, it’s pretty important that you put some thought into it.

Perfect cafe menu ideas don’t necessarily come easily, but here’s some of the things that you may want to bear in mind while creating your cafe menu.

The Menu’s Colour Scheme

The colours and any images you use should be appropriate for your cafe’s concept. They can also be used to draw attention to certain areas of the menu, for example any specials or products that you particularly want to promote.

The Tone

This should also be a reflection of your cafe’s overall character.

For example, if your cafe is an up-market bistro, then you might want to keep your tone of voice simple and minimalist. On the other hand, if you’re opening a more casual cafe, you may want to inject a bit of humour into your menu.

The Layout

Customers are likely to start reading your menu from the upper left corner – as they would a book – and finish towards the bottom right. Bear this in mind when considering your menu’s layout.

Showing Photos

Photographs of your food and beverages are OK but should show them sparingly, and only if they have been professionally taken.

Bad photographs can easily discourage customers from ordering.

Attention to Detail

Menus with typos, incorrect prices or formatting errors look unprofessional – and the mistakes can even be enough to put a potential customer off.

As well as your main menu, you may also want to have an additional specials menu – or perhaps a seasonal menu.

It’s also worth considering whether or not your cafe should have extra menu boards mounted on walls around the shop, or perhaps an A-board outside – and if so, what would be featured on them?

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