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Cafe Success Scorecard

  • 1 min read

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Recession-proof Your Cafe

  • 1 min read

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Managing risks when planning your new cafe

How to Manage Risks in Your Cafe: Strategies for Entrepreneurs Without Hospitality Experience

  • 5 min read

Entering the café industry without prior hospitality experience might seem daunting, but with the right strategies, you can effectively manage risks and steer your café to success. Risk management is about creating a proactive strategy to anticipate, mitigate and manage potential risks. It not only… 

Cafe Staff Management Checklist

  • 1 min read

Resource Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cafe Today! Download Our Exclusive ‘Checklist’ to Streamline Hiring, Training and Daily Operations. Ensure Flawless Staff Performance and Customer Satisfaction. Get Your Free Copy Now!Download Your Free PDF Today

Cafe Customer Trends in 2024

Cafe Customer Trends to Watch in 2024

  • 6 min read

Trends that are set to continue influencing the café industry in Australia Trends in the cafe industry often shift due to consumer preferences, economic factors, and new technologies. Lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic saw an acceleration in the rate of change in consumer behaviours and… 

Strong online presence

The Importance of Establishing a Strong Online Presence in Marketing Your Cafe

  • 4 min read

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever for businesses, including cafes, to establish a strong online presence. With the majority of consumers turning to the internet to research and make purchasing decisions, having an effective online marketing strategy is crucial for attracting and… 

Employee retention in a cafe

Understanding the Role of Employee Retention in Your Cafe or Coffee Shop’s Success

  • 4 min read

The role of employee retention in your cafe or coffee shop’s success is an important factor to maintaining a healthy and successful business. High employee turnover can be costly and disruptive to your business, leading to decreased efficiency and customer satisfaction. Maintaining a stable and… 

Supplier contract management

Understanding the Role of Supplier Contract Management in Your Cafe or Coffee Shop’s Success

  • 4 min read

Supplier contract management is an important aspect of running a successful cafe or coffee shop. By understanding the role of supplier contract management in your business, you can make informed decisions about your supplier relationships, ultimately improving the efficiency and profitability of your business. The… 

Financing the growth of your cafe

Understanding the Role of Interest Rates: What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Cafe or Coffee Shop Loan

  • 5 min read

In this article, we’ll explore the role of interest rates in the loan process and provide some tips for understanding and negotiating interest rates when applying for a cafe or coffee shop loan. If you’re planning to start a cafe or coffee shop, one of… 

Staff Training and Development in cafe

The Benefits of Implementing a Staff Training and Development Plan in Your Cafe or Coffee Shop

  • 5 min read

Implementing a staff training and development plan is an important step in driving the efficiency and profitability of your cafe or coffee shop. By providing ongoing training and support to your staff, you can improve their skills and knowledge, ultimately leading to improved performance and… 

Introducing a Supplier Rating system in your cafe

The Benefits of Implementing a Supplier Rating System in Your Cafe or Coffee Shop

  • 5 min read

Implementing a supplier rating system can be a powerful tool for any cafe or coffee shop owner. By rating and evaluating your suppliers, you can make informed decisions about which suppliers to work with, ultimately improving the efficiency and profitability of your business. The Importance… 

Using Customer Segmentation to target the right customers in your cafe

The Role of Customer Segmentation in Your Cafe’s Marketing Efforts

  • 3 min read

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing your customer base into groups based on shared characteristics, such as demographics, interests, or behaviours. Understanding and effectively targeting these segments can be a powerful tool for businesses, including cafes and coffee shops. By segmenting your customers, you… 

Improve your cafe's efficiency through planing and organisation

Using Planning and Organisation to Improve Your Cafe’s Efficiency

  • 3 min read

By streamlining your operations and using your resources effectively, you can increase productivity, reduce costs, maximise your profits and generally improve your cafe’s efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of planning and organisation to improve your cafe’s efficiency and provide some tips for… 

Getting professional help

The Benefits of Seeking Professional Help When Exiting Your Cafe or Coffee Shop Business

  • 4 min read

Seeking professional help can be particularly beneficial when exiting a cafe or coffee shop business, as the process can be complex and involves a range of legal, financial, and logistical considerations. How Getting professional help Will Help You when exiting your cafe Exiting a business… 

Introducing effective procurement strategies to increase profitability of a cafe

Using Effective Procurement Strategies to Maximise Your Cafe’s Profitability

  • 4 min read

Effective procurement strategies are essential to the success of any cafe or coffee shop. By understanding how to maximise your profitability through effective procurement, you can make informed decisions about what to purchase, how to purchase it and how to manage your inventory, ultimately increasing… 

Maximise your chances for cafe business loan application approvals

Preparing a Winning Loan Application

  • 6 min read

Applying for a loan can be a stressful and intimidating process, especially for cafe business owners. However, with careful planning and the right approach, it is possible to maximise your chances of approval and get the financing you need. Preparing a Winning Loan Application For… 

Understanding supplier relationship management for your cafe business

Understanding the Role of Supplier Relationship Management in Your Coffee Shop’s Success

  • 5 min read

Managing and Optimising the Interactions Between Your Cafe Business and Your Suppliers Supplier relationship management (SRM) is the process of managing and optimising the interactions between your business and your suppliers to maximise the value of your supply chain. By understanding the role of SRM… 

Ten tips to maximise cafe kitchen efficiency

How to Achieve Maximum Efficiency in Your Coffee Shop’s Kitchen

  • 5 min read

Getting your cafe kitchen efficient with streamlined processes When growing your coffee shop business profits it’s easy to focus on ‘front-of-house’ activities for improvements and productivity. Overlooking cafe kitchen efficiency is common, especially when you’ve been in business for a few years. However if you… 

The importance of staff recruitment for your cafe business

The Importance of Staff Recruitment in Your Cafe or Coffee Shop Business

  • 3 min read

Hiring the right team of employees, means you can improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and drive business growth. Staff recruitment is critical for running a successful cafe Improved customer satisfaction Hiring the right staff lead to improved customer satisfaction by ensuring your customers get a… 

Have a solid business plan to get that loan for your cafe business

The Importance of a Solid Business Plan in Securing a Loan for Your Cafe or Coffee Shop

  • 4 min read

A solid business plan is essential for securing a loan for your cafe business A business plan is a detailed document that outlines your business goals, target market, marketing strategy, financial projections, and operational plan. It serves as a roadmap for your business and helps… 


  • 3 min read

Always dreamed of owning your own restaurant? Looking to be an Owner Operator and work your OWN hours? Purchase this turn-key Restaurant for Sale in Altona Village today and be in business for yourself by next month! You’ll have everything you need for success with this fully outfitted kitchen with all equipment in place! It can take up to 6…


  • 3 min read

Boston Brokers welcomes to the market, Breizoz French Creperie, This well-known and much-loved cafe is a Melbourne icon. We’re proud to present an incredible opportunity to purchase a well-established authentic French café and crepe restaurant with a loyal neighbourhood following, strong cashflow, a proven menu, and a rest/cafe liquor license ready to transfer. If you love all things truly Parisienne…


  • 3 min read

Boston Brokers welcomes to the market an exciting opportunity to acquire (on a business only basis) a well-respected and popular food and beverage business. The business has been under the careful and meticulous ownership of our client for a number of years, building up an enviable reputation within the local area and further afield, and is a true testament to…


  • 2 min read

Lock, Stock and Barrel This vineyard/winery truly is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity for an investor or operator to purchase a well-known and respected brand, a productive seasoned vineyard and winemaker’s delight winery. • Located in the heart of Prime Victoria’s burgeoning wine region, The Company owns and operates from 20+ acres of land with a comprehensive facility…

Would You Like a Coffee with That?

  • 5 min read

Using Upselling to Make Bigger Cafe Profits Guest post by Rita Zhang One of the most successful strategies made famous by fast-food restaurants the world over – The Upsell! When you’re next sitting in a cafe, think about how often you’re asked “Would you like… 

Before signing a lease

How To Win A Cafe Lease, Fast

  • 3 min read

“I lost the deal that I have been working on for months…” said a frustrated café buyer over the phone the other day. He then went on and told me how this cafe was a perfect opportunity. It was close to his home, had been… 

What Makes a Successful Cafe Owner?

  • 9 min read

They say successful cafe owners are not made. They are either brewed, percolated or pressed. One things for sure though, all successful cafe owners run profitable cafes. Pass by any busy specialty coffee shop and it will likely be full of customers enjoying coffee, espresso,… 

Cafe Staff Management Checklist by Cafe Coach

Unlock the Secrets to Exceptional Cafe Staff Management where every staff member is not just an employee but a brand ambassador.