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About Us

The Perfect Blend

Tailored Business Strategies for Your Cafe

Welcome to our dedicated circle at Cafe Coach, where every cafe entrepreneur finds a beacon of guidance, regardless of the stage in their business journey.

In the ebbs and flows of cafe ownership, financial and business acumen are paramount, and that’s where our seasoned business coaches step in.

They are your steadfast allies, ready to lend an ear and extend a helping hand, ensuring your financial queries never go unanswered.

From your first espresso shot to your flagship store’s grand opening, our coaches are here to bolster your financial strategy, ensuring your cafe not only thrives but becomes a cornerstone of success in your community.

Welcome to Cafe Coach. You Belong
Espresso Yourself

Unlocking Your Cafe's Potential

At Cafe Coach, we understand that running a cafe is an intricate ballet of passion and precision.

Our team of seasoned business coaches brings a wealth of real-world cafe ownership and management experience to the table.

By choosing Cafe Coach, you’re not just getting advice; you’re gaining access to proven strategies that cover every aspect of cafe operations—from crafting a magnetic menu to optimising your profit margins.

Our coaches are equipped to not only advise but to actively listen and tailor solutions that resonate with your unique cafe’s rhythm.

With a Cafe Coach business coach, you’ll learn to enhance customer experience, streamline your operations, and foster a vibrant cafe culture. 

We're here to help you cultivate the thriving cafe you envision, ensuring that every cup served is a step towards greater success.

The Story so far

Cafe Coach History

Cafe Coach started as an idea for cafe entrepreneur, Rita Zhang, to help her friends.

Her track record of cafe business success (6 cafe’s bought and sold at a profit) and a growing profile in the industry (including selection as a certified coffee judge for the Australian National Barista Championships), lead to Rita often being quoted and interviewed in newspapers, radio and television.

After seeing many of her peers and colleagues struggle with the ‘fallout’ from the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) in 2007. Rita wanted some way to provide a ‘safety net’ and support for those around her.

Her idea to run ‘bootcamps’ and build a website with business advice, finally launched in March 2008.

From Rita’s inspirational idea to a growing worldwide community of cafe entrepreneurs. Today, Cafe Coach is a space where cafe entrepreneurs from all walks of life can belong.

On the Cafe Coach website you will find resources to take you to the next level.

In the Cafe Life with Cafe Coach group on LinkedIn you can have conversations with like minded cafe entrepreneurs and others.

On Instagram and TikTok, share the trials, tribulations and success of your #cafelife with #CafeEntrepreneurs.

Key Areas

Cafe Coach Business Focus

Ways to optimise the way your team works. To cut down on time and costs.

Know the essential paperwork and figures you need to secure loans.

Make decision making easier with a plan that helps you grow your business.

Build it big and sell for a profit or grow a lasting family legacy to hand to the next generation.

Discover the menu items and price points that work for your crowd in your location. 

Negotiate the deals and supplier contracts that give your cafe a cost advantage.

Employ the staff you need with the right attitude and skills to keep your customers loyal.

Promote your brand and bring customers through the doors. Build a reputation and the goodwill of your cafe business.

Cafe Staff Management Checklist by Cafe Coach

Unlock the Secrets to Exceptional Cafe Staff Management where every staff member is not just an employee but a brand ambassador.